Friday, February 18, 2011


I have had pets all my life and have always given them nicknames. They tend to deviate to the ridiculous as time goes on. It’s a thing. I’ve done it forever. It is a part of my relationship with animals. So when other people I know don’t really have nicknames for their dog/cat/rabbit/gerbil/goat…it’s just kinda feels “off.” It’s not that I think people that don’t have pet nicknames don’t care as much, it’s just that they don’t seem as invested…and maybe that’s just me.


I put a lot of time and effort into picking names for two of my pets, Sofia and Ollie. Luigi came with that name and anyone that knows him, sees how perfect it is. The hair piece wouldn’t work with any other name. I did think long and hard before naming Sofia (formally Raquelle) because I needed her to have an equally Italian name to match her brother. It only seemed right. Sofia actually means wisdom which is funny because I’ve been told she is “simple.” I disagree of course. She’s the smartest of the bunch, avoiding all the hustle and bustle of Luigi and Ollie’s antics. Ollie (formally Slim Jim) needed a new name immediately. I couldn’t have a dog that made me want to run to the Store 24 all the time and go all Macho Man Randy Savage on the snack aisle. Ollie (Oliver when he is being particularly naughty) just came to me when I was thinking of other names. It worked. His floppy ears and little strut make it work even better and I have no idea how to explain why. It just does.


They all started with the names that I gave them, but have all morphed into a lengthy list of pet names I have given them thru the years. In my opinion, pet names show a sense of love from owner to animal, an understanding of the pets best and worst qualities, their quirks, their physical characteristics, etc. They also tend to show the particular level of batshit insanity that any particular owner has related to animals/the world…and with that I give you “my list”



Oll, Olla, Fluffy, Fluff, Floof, Floofie, Floofer, Floofita (a personal favorite right now), Naughty, Asshole (to follow the phrase “You’re being an…”), Little Bud, Buddy, Bud, Little Boy, Baby Boy, Ollie Bear,  Bear



Luge, Lugee, Luga, Luga Bear, Bear, Rusty (which started after he stuck his head under the sink and got rust on his white fur, the name stuck, thankfully, the rust did not), Little Boy, Rusty Bear, Stinky Butt



Sofi, Sof, Sofala, Feef, Feefala, Feefer, Fifi, Feeeeeeef, Little Girl, Pretty Girl, The Favorite (I would never actually pick a favorite, but she tends to the least amount of annoying things)


To be continued…as nicknames/new pets (haha) are added!


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