Monday, December 6, 2010


I was hoping that he would be adopted the week that I took off from volunteering. He's still on Petfinder as of this morning and I want him bad...

Jumpin Back In

Ollie peed on a woman at the dog park Friday. True story. It was mortifying to say the least. I ran over to her and asked if I could get her a towel and she very graciously said no…but then she kept staring at her leg like it was going to miraculously dry in the cold evening air. Apparently, it was her birthday…and she was wearing her clothes that she was going to go out in…or something. I don’t really know, I offered the towel and apologized about a thousand times. I’m not really sure what else can be done in this type of situation. I would be pretty bummed if a dog peed on my leg or on anything that it shouldn’t, but that is why I wear the dirtiest clothes I own to the dog park. It’s not a fashion show and the place is a mud pit. With all that being said, it was pretty funny to witness Ollie sniff around her twice and then lift his leg…whatever, I’m evil