Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Ollie Top 10

Top 10 Things That Ollie Does That Make Me Laugh


1.       How he sniffs around for 5 minutes to find the perfect poop spot and then carefully balances himself.

2.       The sound of his yawn when he's really tired

3.       When he's in bed and sighs really loud before passing out

4.       How he stretches in the downward dog and then taps his front feet forward to stretch the back legs

5.       How his ears curve back just a little bit when he's chewing on a bone

6.       The little trot he gets when he steals something and makes me chase him for it

7.       The look he gives me when he is doing something naughty and feels ashamed…or at least tries to appear that way

8.       The way he gives me kisses when he doesn't want to by butting his nose against my face really quickly

9.       How fast he sits, lays down, and does anything else to get a cookie

10.   When he's really excited to see me and his ears go back and his butt shakes and he looks like an oversized weasel


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