Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Visit To Best Friends

So it’s been a while since I posted anything, bad Kate! I’ve been busy lovin on some animals out west! Lisa and I went on vacation to Sedona, AZ and I twisted her arm to go volunteer at Best Friends for a day. Simply put, it was AMAZING!!!!


I kinda want to move out there and get a job there right now, but I would need some time to adjust to that dry heat! Yeesh, it was hot! The scenery was beautiful and more than made up for the uncomfortable temperature.


Anyway, we drove up to Kanab UT on June 8th and took a visitor tour. It was really informative and gave you a good idea of what Best Friends was all about…even though I’m kinda obsessed and read everything on their website all the time! We were set to volunteer in the morning on June 9th and had a great time! So many lovable dogs! We ended up taking a great dog named Shiloh on a sleepover. He was great! I even created a little story about him for their Sleepover website. I hope it helps him get adopted fast!


I am going to get better at updating this, I swear. Even if I’m the only one to read it J




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