Monday, May 24, 2010

Michael Vick and Pit Bulls

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about pit bulls lately. It makes me incredibly sad to see the bad rap that these lovable dogs get. I am around about 5-10 pit bulls every Sunday at Cocheco Valley and for the most part they are my favorite dogs to be around. Tails always wagging, snorting and  sneezing, slobbery kissing love bugs. There was another pit bull attack in the news out of Mass. It seems there are never dog attacks that don’t involve pit bulls which is unbelievably incorrect. The media only seems to report when a pit bull is involved not other breeds and certainly not when a pit bull is the victim like this case:


Breaks my heart. This dog didn’t fight back even when her life was at risk.


I guess I’m fascinated by pit bulls and all the negative attention they get. If everyone could volunteer and see what lovable animals they can be and are, I think this world would have a different view on the breed.


In related news, it has been three years since Michael Vick had a search warrant issued at his property and these articles by the ASPCA and Best Friends Animal Society will always stand with me:


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